Hi! Hello! Thank you for sharing space with my words today. I’m sure you’re excited to know the best Call Her Daddy podcast episode, but I can’t just give away the goods right at the start! First, did you read my last post about the Call Her Daddy Podcast? I shared a few episodes that you absolutely must hear. Today, I will share with you what I think is the best Call Her Daddy podcast episode. This is based solely on my opinion! Not endorsed. Just a long-time fan.

Best Call Her Daddy Podcast Episode

Is Your Parent A Narcissisit? Why yes Father Cooper, my parent IS indeed a narcissist. And, I didn’t really know that until I listened to this episode. I’ve gone down a rabbit hole of what narcissism is and now I’m fairly sure I was raised by a narcissist. And in the best Call Her Daddy podcast episode (IMO), father cooper sits down with a therapist and asks the difficult questions. They break down what narcissistic parents tend to do and how to deal.

Another one of the best Call Her Daddy episodes has to be when Alex interviewed Spencer Pratt.

If real, raw, and honest conversations are your thing, then the Call Her Daddy podcast is right up your alley. Alex uses her platform for such positive and beautiful things. A few more of the best Call Her Daddy podcast episode are:

I’m excited to continue to support the podcast and wonder what is coming up! I love the hard conversations, and I’ve learned many things by listening. I appreciate the different perspectives and I value that Alex uses her platform to discuss these real things.

Are you a listener of Call Her Daddy? What is your favorite episode? If you’re not a listener, what is your favorite podcast?


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