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Valentines is so close! Eek! Even if you don`t celebrate it, I`m sure you`ve been bombarded by pink and red hearts as well.

I`m guessing that, like me, many of you have grown up with Valentines Day, but have you ever wandered where, or why it originated from?

Valentines Day is the 14th of February every year. It is named after a famous Saint, but there are many stories surrounding who he was. It was at the end of the 5th century that it was declared St. Valentines Day, and ever since, has remained a day of celebration, whether religious, or romantic.

The truly interesting part about Valentines Day is that no one really knows the true history behind it, and not any of the theories 100% check out.

There are some really interesting facts and explanations of who Valentines was on In the early 1910`s Hallmark began distributing it`s official Valentines Day Cards, and as each year passed, the holiday just grew more and more. Flowers, jewelry, engagements are just a few things that were added off the top of my head.

Cupid, is another sign of love/Valentines Day, and that stems from Roman mythology where Cupid was the son of Venus, goddess of love and beauty. Cupid was known for shooting arrows at both gods and humans and cause them to immediately fall in love with each other.

Celebrating Valentines Day typically stars from Kindergarten, and transforms as kids grow.

Common gifts that are given and received are cards, chocolates, flowers, and as people get older, jewelery, and engagements.

Gift Baskets are another thoughtful and beautiful gift to give and receive on such a special day. Please check out SaltZCo for beautiful ones!!

Because no one ever gets tired of you saying you love them again, they`ve put together a great way to say it with beautiful handmade pampering products that last long – maybe not as long as your love, but still!

There’s something for every bath and body care lover in this pretty, pink gift basket, from a stimulating floral soak to ease away stress, to a rosy soap that’s just perfect for scrubbing away bad winter moods. The complete Unbreak My Heart gift set works well for both romantic and platonic love (hello Galentines and stressed out assistants). It includes:

    1 heart shaped jar of soothing bath salts
    1 full size vanilla grapefruit sea salt scrub
    1 full size rose bath soap bar (or substitute coffee as shown)
    1 big and decadent bath fizz (not shown)
    1 hot chocolate soap from our Cafe Collection
    1 lip balm in a heart stamped muslin bag (not shown)
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A perfect gift for any whiskey lover can be found at WhiskOff!

The history of their brand started many years ago back in 1918. Their great-grandfather was just a simple quarry worker who spent almost all his life working hard to provide the opportunity to get an education for his children. Years of hard working passed and he discovered himself at the terrace of the house that his children built for him.

Two whiskey glasses with whiskey rocks in front of a wooden box with the WhiskOff logo on the top of it.

Now he could do his favorite thing – hold his favorite whiskey glass, barely sipping from it, and waiting for the dawn. He always preferred cool whiskey but never used ice cubes, only stones from his mine that he and his friends used when they were younger. Whiskey or bourbon wasn’t their everyday choice but more like a nice way to get rest from continuing exhausting labor. They enjoyed their whiskey, brandy, gin, scotch or bourbon as much as possible with all the respect to these magnificent spirits.

One of his beloved sons, after all the stories his father told him, noticed his father’s habit and decided to make a present for him. He went back to the old mine, found the perfect rocks, shaped them and gave to his father.

That’s the story of their brand. The history of Whiskoff. With all their family traditions passing through generations, they run their business and defend their ancestors’ name.

They started with simple whiskey cooling stones, but their technology developed and business expanded. Now they provide you not only with unique chilling stones but also with high-quality crystal whiskey glasses (bourbon glasses) for whiskey lovers and it’s not the end!

They want not only to keep history and family traditions but also to share with you the results.

I love just spending time with my husband and kids, and while I`m aware that it`s a day for love, I do believe that everyday is that. It is another day that I was lucky, and given more time with the most incredible beings. My family. Valentines Day for me is another day to show love and appreciation.

Sending love to each and every one of you. Happy Valentines Day.

Love Always, N


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