What is the toxic value in your life?

I have been pondering my life, and trying to work on myself, and my relationship WITH myself. It has taken a long time for me to understand that I was worth investing time and energy into, solely to benefit MYSELF.

But, there are toxic things in our lives, right?

I think it is so sad how common it is to actually not think of ourselves at all, but rather to function from a place where we work to please others. We exist solely to please others.

Like, as if we are robots. Just functioning within our toxicity.

How much of your life, and your energy is being taken up by or with, negative/toxic energies?

How much of your life are you operating from ROBOT?

What do I mean by toxic energies?

Any sort of negative energy or person/people that affect your mental health. This can be, jobs, situations, relationships. Anything really.

Anything that brings out stresses in you, and/or affects your mental health in a negative manner.

Now I don`t mean just one stressful situation. Usually these toxic things are ongoing, and have happened repeatedly, the feelings associated with it as well.

Can you let them go? Is it easy for you to get rid of the toxicity in your life? Can you cope with it well? What about operating from ROBOT stance? Do you ever find you are simply just existing?

This is definitely something I am learning.

See, understanding self-love has given me a new perspective on areas of my life, and in terms of toxicity, it has allowed me to see that I don`t need it. I don`t need to have toxic situations and/or people in my life.

Toxic people are often those who are un-supportive of people in their Mental Health journey I have found. The people who doubt ones feelings, emotions and thoughts. All that does for the one struggling, is make them struggle more. It is completely unfair that anyone struggling has to face this.

Then, we just turn on our ROBOT, or, actually, was it ever off?

I know, myself, I have been on auto-pilot and coasting for years. I think it first began with becoming a mother. Upon becoming a mother, I was taught that I no longer mattered. Life wasn`t about me anymore.

I`ve been coasting.

Simply existing.

Making it through…. day by day…

Just being a robot.

Just trying to coast through the toxicity.

Lately, while learning about self-love, and strengthening my relationship with myself, I have been practising being in-tune to situations, and my life. I`ve been paying attention to how my mental health is, and how my emotions are.

Because, I deserve to live a mindful, and happy life.

I deserve to actually LIVE, rather than coast. I deserve to have support, and non-toxic people in my journey.

I`m not a pro, at cutting out the toxicity. I just listen to my heart. I listen to my body, and to my mind.

You deserve this too. You deserve to be living a mindful happy life, filled with support, kindness and love.

Please, practise LIVING.

Get rid of the TOXICITY.

Transform being in ROBOT mode to being in an AMAZING mode!

Love Always N

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13 thoughts on “The Toxic Value of Robots

  1. You got me. My problem is my job. Im so angry and upset by it and I cant seem to get another one. I feel held hostage by this one. So I’ve definitely changed because of it. And not in a good way. Im always complaining. And I’ve gone this whole year in robot. Just counting down the minutes of each day. Im trying to be better though. More positive. Just sucks sometimes.

  2. I’ve been a robot most of my life, it’s only the last few years I’ve put myself first, ditched people who brought me down and dictated what I should do and I’ve started to change my life for the good.

  3. This is an excellent post and has really made me think about all the toxic things going on in my life. Can I also just say I love how you write! Thank you so much for writing 😀

  4. Thank you so much for this piece, so well written. I’m definitely guilty of being so bothered about what others think of me and living in that toxic way but have started to be more compassionate to myself by focusing on myself more. It’s not selfish to do that but is so important.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. I`m glad you have started to be more compassionate to yourself. We deserve that same kindness we give to others!! Sending you love!

  5. I agree 100%!! We deserve to put ourselves first. We can’t be happy in other situations and with other people if we are not happy with ourselves. Thanks for sharing!

  6. This post is so well written and man did it hit me in the heart. I think like you, I stopped living/caring about myself when I became a mother. All my energy went to my precious boy. I need to stop and think about how I can take back some of my energy to stop coasting. Beautifully written!

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