thoughts with n


Welcome to a place where you can explore all your favorites. Here, you’ll find awesome outfit ideas, great sales, and even sometimes discount codes. You’ll find stories of real, raw life with inspiration weaved in and out of every word. There are decluttering tips, journal prompts, and more. This blog is a place to explore your thoughts within. What is on your mind? What has you up at night? Whether it’s what you are going to wear to that BBQ, you agreed to go to or how to get through your kid calling you “bro” without pulling your hair out – you can find it here. Tips, tricks, hacks, savings, and everything related to messy mom life.

Welcome to Thoughts with N

So, what can you expect from the Thoughts with N blog?

Well, I’m glad you’ve asked. You can expect real stories, facts, guest posts, and a space where you can feel connected, safe, and loved. Thoughts with N is a place for kindness, compassion, empathy, and so much more. It’s a space where you can find other stories of what you’re going through and know you’re not alone. Thoughts with N was born from a small idea to share my thoughts. My name is Natasha, and the N in Thoughts with N is for my name. So, welcome here to all my thoughts with N.

Where else can you find Thoughts with n?

On Instagram, I can be found talking about all things related to bipolar disorder right over here – Bipolar Babes Club. I work really hard to end the stigma and educate others on what life is actually like living with bipolar disorder. You can find my books on Amazon. Just type in my name in the search – Natasha MacFarlane and see what pops up! You can also follow the links in the sidebar of the blog and see what you find over there.

Have an idea for the blog?

If you have an idea for Thoughts with N I welcome emails!! Send me a line at and let’s chat!