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My Top Tip For New Runners

Last year about this time, I started going for a walk after the school bus picked up the kids. Rain, snow, or shine, I’d put my toddler in the stroller and we’d walk, usually for 45 minutes to 1 hour.

One day I found myself thinking, “oh, maybe I COULD run”.

See up until that point, I thought that runners were some sort of super human. I mean, who actually could enjoy doing that? Magical, superhuman people, that’s who.

That day I thought that maybe I could, I took my walk to a light jog.

I jogged for one minute, and slowed to a walk. I repeated this pattern a few times and the feeling was incredible!

From that point on, I was hooked! A few weeks later, I ran my first kilometer without taking a single break and I felt so proud of myself. The feeling was beautiful. Day after day I ran. Some days I ran for distance, and would push myself as long as I could. Others days I ran for speed. Training my body to run faster and faster working towards my goals.

My body ached, but it was such a different kind of ache. It was an ache that meant I was getting stronger and my body was serving me in a positive way.

Running taught me respect of my body and to challenge it’s limits.

It taught me that it’s limits are only there because at some point in my life I decided to put them there. Running showed me I could break all those limits. Before I knew it, I ran nearly everyday, anywhere from 3-7km. When I finished, I felt on top of the world. I learned to push through the discomfort, or even come to like the discomfort because it was a sign of growth. I had hit a new limit, and I again, was going to crush it.

I gained so much confidence from running.

Your only competition is yourself. You are just trying to beat your own numbers. It’s about being better than you were yesterday. It made me feel strong. It helped me understand that I could do hard things.

Had you asked me before this point if I would ever take up running, I would have said no. I never in a million years had imagined that I would. In fact, I just basically assumed I couldn’t. I wasn’t that kind of superhuman.

But I was. And I still am.

I ran until the snow came, and then took to more indoor-style fitness and self-care. (Which I wrote about in my self-care during the winter post!) I run with a stroller, and we get A LOT of snow some years.

So, this week I started again. Spring is on the horizon, and our sidewalks are starting to clear up. Again, I started slow. It’s important to give your body time to warm up and adjust.

But the feeling was just the same. I felt incredible. So my advice to anyone pondering the idea of running, or is new to running, is to just keep going. Feel it. It might hurt. It might make you achy. Listen to your body. Go at your own pace, and hold your head up high.

See, what I’ve learned is that runners are not super-human.

They really are just regular people fighting their own battle in their way.

If running is something you’ve been pondering, try it out. Feel it out. Give it a chance! You might be happy you did!!

Do you run? Have you ever tried?

Love Always, N



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