Hi! Hello, welcome to my tiny little corner of this large, ginormous digital world. Usually, I write about mental health-related topics, but today I’m branching out a teensy bit. Today I’m sharing 7 places I want to travel to in Manitoba. Manitoba is the province where I reside, and living through a lockdown has made me see that I truly want to get out and see more of it. If you haven’t completed any travel in Manitoba or aren’t sure where exactly it is, it’s located in Canada, nestled between Saskatchewan and Ontario. It’s a province of passion with an NHL team¬†and a wicked CFL team. There’s also a whole bunch of other sports tucked into that, too, like the Goldeyes baseball team, curling and golf. It’s a terrific province to live in, and if you haven’t visited it, I highly recommend it!

7 places I want to travel in Manitoba:

It’s hard to narrow it down to only 7 to be honest because once I started digging my list was flooded with amazing places! These seven below made the cut, but I do recommend visiting as many amazing places as you can.

Little Limestone Lake

travel in Manitoba Little Limestone Lake looks unbelievable. It’s a color-changing lake, and best yet, it happens completely naturally! The water changes colors from various shades of teal/green to crystal clear depending on what time of the year you visit. Also, it’s the largest marl lake in the world. (And it’s right in my backyard and I’ve still never seen it! WAAA) but rest assured Little Limestone Lake, I’m going to see you in person.

Clearwater Lake

Clearwater Lake is said to be actually quite clear. I’ve never seen something like that in my life and to know that it’s right in my own province, UGH, I wish I could just pack my bag and hop in my car in search of it right now.

Riding Mountain National Park

For some reason every time I think of Riding Mountain National Park, I picture horseback riding. Maybe the riding part? Hmm… I don’t know, but I do know that Riding Mountain National Park looks so pretty. It’s definitely on my travel to list.

Wekusko Falls

Have you ever traveled to any of these places? Let me know how it was in the comments below!
Love Always, Natasha

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