Your love is unconditional. Even though my brain tells me that I’m not worthy, you deserve better, and I will never measure up, the only thing that makes sense is that you must truly love me. You’ve seen me through some of the darkest times in my life and held my hand to support and loved me passionately. You’ve taught me what unconditional means. It’s because of you that I believe in it. It’s because of you that I trust in it. Your support, passion, and belief in me have changed everything about me. Because of you, I am me, and I love you just doesn’t seem enough anymore.

There is so much darkness that lurks. A darkness that haunts me. It always has. And, you’re the only one who sees it, acknowledges it, and loves it. Loves me. All of me. How can this be real? How can a person like me be so lucky?

But, you’ve taught me that it’s not luck. It’s simply two people falling in love. Real love, though. The ride-or-die kind. You’ve taught me that every one of my flaws is a fleck of beauty and that even the craziest parts of me deserve respect and love. It’s unconditional.

And when the depression hits and I’m at my lowest, I cry rivers of tears and wish to be someone different, and you hold me and tell me you love me the exact way I am. And it’s this feeling that tells me everything will be okay. I will be okay. Because of unconditional love. This love, it builds a boat to save me when I’m drowning, it paints a world of spectacular color when all I see is darkness, and it shines a light that is unlike anything. This love is brilliant, bold, and imperfect in all the perfect ways.

I never believed in love or forever once I was burned so badly. And not in a way I didn’t believe it existed, but rather that it wasn’t ever going to be real in my life. I wasn’t ever going to have that. Nobody could possibly feel that way about me. I’ve been so broken beyond repair, and still, he’s there. Still, he stands by me through absolutely everything. Celebrates my successes and encourages me to keep going. Why it’s he who encouraged me to follow my passion for writing. I’ve built my career solely on the foundation of love. The foundation of belief. It’s about the unconditional ways.

If you have this love, then you know. You know that it’s everything. If you don’t. Don’t ever settle until you find it. It’s worth waiting for.

Thank you for reading my thoughts this morning –

Love Always, Natasha


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  1. Fransic verso

    September 30, 2022 at 11:03 am

    Awesome words and thoughts, these are emotional but at the same time real. I’ve seen some couples in real life as the words describe. Thank you for sharing!

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