Hello hello! Welcome to my unique holiday gift guide!

This holiday season I have made it my mission to shine a spotlight on small biz.


So, naturally, I have built my gift guides all around this! I have found some incredible shops that I strongly urge you to browse at.


Lunera Dreams is an online dreamers gift shop.

The shop is based in NJ. You will find handmade dream catchers, accessories, and much more! Lunera Dreams will happily take customs to fulfill your dream decor for your space. Go to LUNERADREAMS.COM or LUNERADREAMS.ETSY.COM to explore designs.



AcornTops is a shop where you will find handmade fairy creations to enchant your world and bring magic into your everyday! Please go visit this incredible shop over here.


Memamnali is all about zero waste and all hand made! The shop owner creates accessories all organic fabric for babies and their mom. Create a healthy, gentle and environmentally friendly world with Montessori Inspiration, Wellness and Zero Waste items.

Cottage Market Co. is up next. The business owner describes it like follows. Cottage Market Co. has originated from my own personal growth and enlightenment as I humbly, ungracefully, and yet proudly journey through motherhood and womanhood with no apologies.  We are a small business that delights in creating natural beauty products and simple home goods for real people, to enhance natural beauty inside and out! 

Our expectation for growth is to be able to empower girls and women of all ages and backgrounds to understand their own worth, tell their own truths, and inspire one another to keep it real. You can visit them on Etsy – Cottage Market Co. and their own website – Cottage Market Co.

SpiritualArt is a beautiful shop that creates unique religious pieces of jewelery.

CraftyCraftSpace is a new shop selling organic handmade soaps and handcrafted jewellery made by April and her sister Gigi. They are both big fans of crafting.

SincerelyBoxes is a shop that creates care packages that delight.


Ringwood Cosmetics is an incredible beauty company.

Cruely-free and for all skin types. They have beautiful loose mineral powders that create a natural and gorgeous look on your skin. Visit their site over here Ringwood Cosmetics and get shopping! Follow them on Instagram over here Ringwood Cosmetics.

Melia Beauty is a shop that creates vegan and cruelty-free lip gloss.

Creek & Co. is a company that is dedicated to making quality bath and body products. Each product is made in small batches to ensure highest quality leaving each batch unique. You can visit their shop over here and treat yourself to some of their amazing products!

Lisa Pace created VerhayLavish when she started making things and decided to open the etsy page to try and make up some of her own costs. She wanted to know what was going on her body and be able to pronounce it! In the long run, it`s cheaper and more environmentally friendly. BONUS!


Jenny in Neverland is an incredible blogger, which you can visit her blog over here , and she also has written a few e-books! From growing your following, basic SEO techniques and setting blogging goals, this Beginners Guide to Blogging covers everything you’ll need to know as new or beginner blogger to get you started and on your way to blogging success.


With new bloggers in mind, this comprehensive 80 page guide will incorporate all the information I’ve learnt and have found has worked for me over the last 6 years in a friendly manner with no complicated jargon. You can grab Jenny`s book over here .



Toddler in Family is an incredible shop that creates Montessori inspired furniture. They are already in the second generation is working in the carpentry field by manufacturing furniture for families with children in our local market. They have created learning towers ‘FAMILY’ as friends for children to make their everyday discovery process more safe, interesting and fun. You can follow them on Pinterest here, on Twitter and Instagram.


I had so much fun researching small businesses and had the pleasure of getting to know many of the owners, and they are all INCREDIBLE.

I really urge you to shop small this year and support small biz!

Love Always, N

p.s. Did you see my post from yesterday? It`s my Christmas Gift Guide – Clothing and Jewelery Edition!

*This post was made possible by these incredible brands listed above. Thank you.


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