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With January coming to an end, (where has it gone?!), and February upon us, I`m bringing you another Valentines-Themed post. (Here is the last one I wrote if you missed it.)

I`m not one who celebrates Valentines very much with my husband, mostly because that would require a baby-sitter, and that is something we simply don`t have. He usually brings me home chocolates and flowers, but he does that often anyways. It is a day of love, but I believe that should be everyday with a partner, so I enjoy indulging in my children for this day.

We always get Valentines Cards to pass out to their friends.

I try to find whatever they are really interested in that year. Yes, sometimes it requires multiple stores. I`m thinking this year my daughter will want princess, and my son, something with race cars. My little, Paw Patrol. He stays home with me, but he makes Valentines to give to his brother and sister, me and his dad, and some of his friends in the block. He really enjoys being a part of things like this.

I love them having something somewhat special to wear for that day as well. There is always a class party, and it`s so exciting for kids! Now, my son is almost 9, and has drifted away from me picking his clothes, but not my daughter! She has her outfit already. Black jeggings with different coloured hearts all over, and a read tee with a heart shaped teddy-bear. S O C U T E. Her auntie bought it for her from The Children`s Place.

Next, is my little girl`s hair.

She has very long hair and we love doing it. This year I`m thinking we will do it in a heart shaped bun with some sparkles.

These are just a few things that I enjoy with my kids for Valentines Day. When they come downstairs for breakfast in the morning, there will be 3 gift bags. All the same bag, but slight variation in shade of colour. For example, my daughters would be pink, my son`s purple and my little son, red.

I just fill the bags with a few little items, such as a colouring book, a pen, some stickers, and maybe a chocolate bar. They will be all Valentines themed. They always get a stuffy, and the stuffy is always the same, but my oldest will get the darkest one, my daughter will get the lightest and my little boy will get the middle.

In the past I have put many other things in their bags.

I`ve gone overboard before. But, I`m coming to appreciate simplicity and teaching them that it`s the thought that we put into it that should count. Some things I`ve put in their bags in the past have been, notebooks/diaries, markers, action figures/dollys, small craft sets, handheld games, and more. I usually don`t bother very much with cards, because I find they really aren`t interested in them at all.

My little girl L O V E S jewelry. So when I came across this brand I knew I wanted to work with them.

Mick and Nick is a beautiful shop that creates amazing aromatherapy jewelry for children. (You can find them over here.) Aromatherapy has so many amazing benefits for us, and for children there are some essential oils that have been determined to be safe for use as well. Of course, consult with your health care practitioner/provider though.

Lora (the shop owner) is a mother, a teacher and a wife who loves creating and selling beautiful things. She loves curating beautiful beads for her aromatherapy bracelets. She is inspired by the beauty of nature and the scents of essential oils that can be used on her diffuser bracelets. Stack them up on your wrist for a trendy look!

A diffuser bracelet could be a wonderful little gift for any child.

Lora uses a variety of colours and tones that would really be suitable for anyone. Custom ordering is also available as well. If you are someone who, like me, puts together little gifts for your children for Valentines, wouldn`t this be a lovely thing to include?

Let me know your thoughts!

Love Always, N


9 thoughts on “Valentines Day For Kids

  1. I love this! What a great idea 🙂 What kind of scents do you use? I LOVE Jasmine, it’s my favorite! Do you find that children tend to gravitate to certain essential oils, or lighter scents over the heavier ones?

    1. Lavender seems to be great for anxieties from what I read! I’ve not tried jasmine. I will put it on my list! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. How do you make a heart bun?!

    Those bracelets are cute! And a neat gift idea. My daughter is still too little to wear one, but maybe I can hang them around her crib.

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