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Today we’re talking about creating a visual impact with interior design.

I’m going to share with you what visual impact is, along with, how it relates to interior design and how to use visual impact to create the impact you want. The first thing you want to think about is what mood/feeling you want to create. How do you want YOU and others to feel in the room? What story are you telling? Maybe you want a room that reminds you of the beach. Or, you want something very elegant. Or perhaps something along the lines of a more minimalistic feeling. The sky is the limit when it comes to interior design. Take a few moments and think of places that bring you joy, people that make you feel happy, and experiences you’ve had. Intentionally set out to create a mood/experience from being in that space.

Create a feature wall.

Use one wall in your space to make a visual impact. Some ideas are, paint it a bold color, use a textured wall paper, create a plant wall with floating shelves over flowing with plants, or even some kind of script with tattoo lettering font. Creating a feature wall is a great way to immediately set the stage for the story that space is going to tell. How you create this wall, and what you use is very important to the entire design. Plants are a wonderful way to create a calm space and bring nature indoors. Macrame wall hangings are a great way to bring in a boho vibes, along with dreamcatchers and neutral colors. This wall is going to determine the mood of the space.


Whether this is on your feature wall, or with furniture. Don’t be afraid to break some boundaries and create new styles and looks. Some ideas are, a bold emerald green couch against a crisp white wall, or a plum feature wall with all white furniture. Get crazy and explore. Bold is awesome!

Get a rug.

I honestly love rugs and I think it’s so awesome that there are so many different options. I love a nice rug in a space because it gives it a cozy feel right away. You can add another feel though with intentionally choosing your patterns and colors. You can create chaos or calmness all simply with a rug. Explore various textures, as well as colors and patterns.

Go crazy with textures.

I know this sounds weird. But honestly, textures are so awesome and even look so beautiful. Go to a store and feel various fabrics and notice how you feel about them. Notice texture with things like your couch, your walls, your floors, your rug, everything! Textures are everywhere, and are both physically and visually appealing.

Lighting is everything.

Going back to intentionally creating a mood and feeling, think about your lighting. What kind of lighting you like, and how bright it is. There are many different options for bulbs like bright white, soft white, yellow white. Make sure to plan out your lighting so that it matches your intention for the space.

These are just some of the many things you could do to make a visual impact using interior design.

There are lots of other things too! Be bold, explore and break boundaries!

Have you used any of these to create visual impact in a space?

Love Always, Enn


3 thoughts on “5 Ways To Make A Visual Impact With Interior Design

  1. I love a good feature wall! They’re so cute and it’s cool to see the different ways people do them. These were some really good tips and helped me come up with some ideas for when I get my own place!

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