I`m so excited to share this with you!!

So, this is the first of my Wednesday Wedding series and I couldn`t be more thrilled to write it and share it with you!

I already call my partner my husband, but we haven`t actually had the wedding yet. Life has just happened, and we`ve been busy living it. Three kids, many moves, and tragedies have taken a toll, and planning a wedding hasn`t been top on the To-Do list.

He did propose though. A few years back I found the ring in his pocket when I was doing his laundry.

I actually was really shocked. By this point in our lives we were making plans together, so finding a diamond ring was a plan I was not aware of.

We said we were going to get married before #3 was born, but, that pregnancy was awful, and life was just taking us for a ride, and it just didn`t happen. This really never bothered me though until I went grad dress shopping with my little sister and she talked me into trying on a wedding dress.

I felt so many tears in my eyes when I saw myself in the mirror.

I felt as if that was something I had missed out on. The whole planning for a wedding adventure.

After a lot of thought I knew I would never want anything big by any means. My anxiety would never allow it, and there haven`t been that many people who have supported us from day 1. There has been maybe 6.

So, I started thinking of how I wanted to do it, and a little magical day started unfolding right before my eyes.

I haven`t booked a date yet, but I will write about it when I do for sure. We are looking at October though. October is my favourite month.

I, of course started looking at dresses, and fell in love with this one from ADORIQUE.

I love how SIMPLE this is! It is absolutely stunning! The first thing that drew me to it was the sleeves. I love the sleeves. The neckline is the next thing for me. I love how high it is, and very elegant.

Because of the weather here in October, I really loved this one for the cosy feels!

I was lucky enough to get a few points from the designer/dress-maker herself! I wanted to know where the inspiration for this dress came from.

The design is not just simple and elegant minimalism, it’s also very versatile and suitable for very different body shapes. Also, this dress is liked a lot by moms-to-be, who marry while being pregnant.

Each dress in ADORIQUE shop is made-to-order by hand, according to unique measurements of each customer! I will need to know just the measurements of the bust, hips and height and you will have dress, crafted specially for you.

The fabric is Italian punto – dense, firm and stable, but stretchy at the same time. White fabric itself has a tendency to be sheer, but this is not the case here. The decor is made with pure Italian silk.

This dress is for those, who likes minimalism, for civil wedding or for a cosy small celebration etc. It’s good alternative dress for autumn/ winter/ spring seasons. Or just for those who don’t want to make too big deal of it, but want to feel elegant wit this simple luxury.

And the price (149EUR) is really good comparing to “normal” wedding dresses.

This dress feels so perfect to me for my wedding. And you really can`t beat the price.

I love simple. I think it gives the bride the bright spotlight because it is her inner beauty that will shine through. This dress is on my shortlist of dresses I am considering buying for sure.

What are your thoughts about this dress?

Love Always, N

*This is a sponsored post made possible by the incredible Adorique!


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  1. Congratz on starting planning hun!! And congratz on picking a dress you love!! I hated dress shopping but after a few months finally found the right one.. I’m looking forward to reading all about your plans!! xx

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