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Wednesday Weddings – 6

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I`m so excited that Wednesday Weddings is back!!

After a bit of a break, I have some more exciting and beautiful things to share with you!

CallisteBride has some of the most beautiful wedding dresses I have ever seen!! Upon a lot of scrolling, I stumbled across some and immediately fell in love. The talent and detail in each piece is unbelievable.

Some things that I look for in a dress are that it`s simple, but still elegant.

I really love lace, and long-sleeves, however I also love the boho feel as well.

Calliste means “the most beautiful’ and in the greek mythology it refers to a gorgeous sea nymph around Santorini island! 

“Calliste Bride” is a bridal brand founded by Petra Kara whose designs visualize feminine and strong queens, nymphs and warriors, inspired from nature, mythology, bohemian and victorian styles. 

Each piece is customized and handmade using fine fabrics. Each piece is considered perfect only if it achieves to tell a unique story about the unique personality of the bride, revealing an ethereal mythically beautiful woman in the greatest moments of her life!

I love how different and unique the dresses are from CallisteBride, and it is definitely a shop I am considering for my own dress!

What are your thoughts about these dresses? Do you have a favorite?

Love Always, N

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