As you all know, I`ve begun my Wednesday Weddings series and could not be more excited to share with you this weeks collab.

Wear Your Love XO has gorgeous dresses and I am seriously in love with every single one. Though I really never imagined myself in a fancy wedding dress, I can`t help but think of exactly that when I see this dress!

This dress screams princess to me.

But in a soft and calm way. It feels as if every piece of the lace is whispering a story that leads into the next piece of lace.

`If you are the kind of woman who embraces her individual style, loves luxurious, body-hugging lace, and believes with all her heart in absolutely epic love, then you are our kind of bride, and we are so happy you have found us.

Ari, by Wear Your Love

Our vivid and oh-so-feminine long-stem rose lace is brought to life with a classic feel and a twist of romantic whimsy in our Ari gown.  A timeless silhouette with fitted lace bodice, shallow scooped boat neck, and a gathered full circle skirt, combines with seven-eighths length sleeves and delicate hand-cut lace motifs at neckline, open back, cuffs, and train.

A dress made for dancing, laughing, crying happy tears, and being loved, the Ari gown is playful flirtation and classic beauty at once. 

As with all of our wedding gowns, the Ari is made to each individual bride‚Äôs exact measurements. `

There are a few things that stand out for me in regards to what I love about this dress.

First, all that lace! Oh my goodness, it`s divine! I love that lace looks so beautiful and has a bit of a sexy appeal to it as well. Almost like your skin is playing peek-a-boo in a very elegant way.

The 3/4 length sleeve is another point for me that I love.

I very rarely ever wear anything without sleeves, so this was definitely a bonus for me.

The back is gorgeous and they have different options for the back of this dress so you can get exactly what you love.

I really love the pattern of the lace as well. It looks so soft, elegant and romantic.

I think that every woman deserves to feel that princess feeling. Part of my struggle was believing I deserved it too. I spent the last 8 years believing that I was unworthy of such beauty. I`m so excited to have a healthier mindset now.

I do deserve it, as do each and every one of you.

Love Always, N

P.S. Did you see my post from last Wednesday?


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