This post is sponsored by the incredible Barzelai. Though it is paid, all views and opinions are genuine and my own. Finding this dress on a hunt for my own wedding dress inspired me to reach out and invite them to be a part of my Wednesday Weddings series.

I can`t believe it`s already the third part in this series! I have really enjoyed learning so much about weddings and all the different options available.

If you missed my last few you can read them here! I still have so much exciting stuff coming your way!

I`m sure for many bride-to-be`s, the dress is the most important/exciting feature. I mean, how many times in our lives do we get to dress so elaborate? I`ve spent a long time thinking about what I would like for my wedding. We`ve been together for 8 years already! One thing that has always been important to me has been that it had to still reflect me. A large and extravagant affair wouldn`t be true to who I am.

The big fancy balls are INCREDIBLE, but I would have a massive panic attack before the day even arrived, and not because I wouldn`t want to get married, but rather because of all the choices and decisions I would have to make.

For me, simple is better. But, for my wedding, I like the idea of simple with a touch of elegance. I love lace and the flowy look.

On this particular dress, I really love the v-neck and shoulders. I also really like the slit in the front, and the lace on top. This dress looks so elegant.

The shop owner`s name is Orit Barzelai. She is a Shenkar College of Engineering and Design graduate and has been designing wedding dresses for the past 15 years.

She lives and works in Tel Aviv. She feels very fortunate to be a part of a global capital where modern emerging culture thrives.

The environment she lives in naturally inspires her to design dresses that look effortlessly laid back yet chic.

Her main inspiration without a doubt are her brides. Their individuality and their vibe, and how they surprise her each time with their creativity and personal touch. The breath taking places they get married and their special laid back approach.

Orit believes that a bride should feel comfortable throughout her special day and she creates flexible fit dresses for all body types while maintaining a fashion forward aesthetic.

I LOVE the thought of a wedding dress being comfortable. What I have tried on so far I can assure you are NOT! I`m in love with every single one of Orit`s dresses and am so incredibly lucky to have gotten the opportunity to connect with her.

How long did it take you to find your wedding dress?

Love Always, N


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Weddings – 3

  1. It took me several tries to different stores in my area … and I just wasn’t convinced. But randomly one night I was out with a girlfriend and she suggested stopping at a little shop (not mainstream at all) and one of the ladies there asked what I was looking for and went and pulled a few dresses and the second one I tried, VOILA!!! I had found it – I was so excited!

  2. It took me only a few minutes to find my wedding dress. I liked it the moment I saw it. It was simple but quite elegant for my taste. Well, found that dress 16 years ago. Thank God I’m still married to the same person. Haha!!! Thanks for sharing your post.

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