AD| This is a sponsored post. However, if I wasn`t head over heels in love with this shop I wouldn`t share it with you. All views and opinions are my own.

Idowithyou is the shop I am highlighting today.

Invitations and save the dates are such an important part of a wedding. It`s like the grand entrance to the idea of your wedding.

Debbie started her wedding invitation business named Idwithyou 6.5 years ago on Etsy. Before that she had a local wedding invitation business, – which is her legal business name. After 5 years of her local presence, Debbie started to look around for a more online-wide audience and through a peer of hers she came upon Etsy.

Etsy is an e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and craft supplies founded in 2005 and is still thriving internationally.
Debbie opened a store which was fairly straightforward and within 3 weeks she was starting to get sales.

Through the process Debbie noticed her ‘destination’ wedding items were being viewed far more than any other of her invite styles.

She continued to focus her designs on these with items such as: 8-page passport booklet invitations, boarding passes, luggage tag reply’s, beach themed save the dates and all the extras such as welcome letters, thank you cards, detail cards etc. themed with the same travel wedding approaching.

Debbie`s clients are primarily US based, therefor her currency is set in US. Although she does offer CAD pricing for her fellow Canadians if they prefer. She pays fees on each transaction to be under the umbrella of Etsy as well as enjoying their huge audience of brides. Her other clients are from Canada, Australia, Britain, other European countries and even Dubai occasionally.

Most of her designs are on my site.

However she`s always open to custom design work whether its new graphics, changing colours or fonts. Or a brand new custom design if her clients have seen something online they like, she encourages them to show her and she can create similar idea with her own unique spin on it.

Definitely Debbie`s most popular items are her boarding passes and passports … the boarding passes can be save the date themed or for the full invitation package teamed up with luggage tag style reply’s.

Passports have a thicker cover, and inside pages are silk coated paper to resemble a typical passport.

Debbie encourages brides to save on paper with her reply’s which are postcard-style, meaning one side is the address where they’re to be returned to and where the stamp goes, and the other side includes space for the guests’ name/yes/no attending.

They’re very popular and on top of saving paper (no reply envelope) they also are little less cost for the client.

Presently Debbie is in the top 5% of sellers on Etsy which is quite an achievement.

She intends to keep selling on Etsy for as long as she can, and continue to make couples feel happy and relieved to have one of the most daunting tasks of wedding planning run smoothly, efficiently and assist them in representing their uniqueness.

I LOVE her work and really admire her talent! Please go check out her shop and show her some love.

Love Always, N

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