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Welcome April Diamonds

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The birthstone for April is the lovely diamond.

The word diamond is derived from the Greek word “adcimas” which means unconquerable. Diamond is one of my favorite stones, and it’s my youngest sons birthstone. It is such an intricate and incredible stone. Diamonds are thought to be one of the hardest substances on earth. They are made of only carbon.

Diamonds are thought to give the wearer better relationships and increased inner strength. They have always been a symbol of eternal love and commitment. However, ancient theories surrounding where diamonds came from speculate that diamonds held magical powers. For example, some theories were that lightning bolts formed diamonds, or that they were the tears of God.

Though probably most often the diamonds we see are white, they aren’t always.

Diamonds can come in various colors such as, pink, green black and blue. They are formed 100 miles below ground and are carried to the earths surface by volcanic eruptions.

Diamonds are incredible, brilliant gems.

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Diamonds are an incredible piece to add to any outfit on any day!

The sparkle they have is sure to bring a smile to your face!

Do you love diamonds? What is your favorite stone?

Love Always, N

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