New Years Eve is just around the corner, (which I wrote a post about over here – New Years Eve) and however you are celebrating/not celebrating I`d like to encourage you to use re-usable glasses.

It takes on average, more than 20 years for a paper cup to decompose in a sealed landfill, and a few days in a lake or the ocean. (In those few days of course they can be ingested by an animal.) The world uses around 500 billion plastic cups every year.

So this year, while you are choosing everything for your most perfect New Years Eve. gathering/celebration, check out The James Bentley Brand.

James Bentley is an American brand based in California dedicated to revolutionise the fine glassware experience and bringing back the excitement by technology, art and cutting edge designs.

It started in 2017 and progressed to be a recognised and leading brand in designer glassware for whiskey and tea glasses, all of our glassware are in house designs, unique and makes a perfect gift sets for all.

All of their glasses are 100% hand made with highest quality standards

They promise to exceed your expectations. Your whiskey will never taste the same, introducing the glass that will enhance your whiskey drinking experience.

Visit their Amazon Store over here, and follow on Instagram over here.

These glasses would be a beautiful gift for even the hardest-to-buy person as well! They are beautiful!

Safe Celebrating Friends

Love Always, N

*Thank you to the above brand for sponsoring this post. Wishing you all the best during the holidays and the coming new year.


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  1. They’re nice! I appreciated your inclusion of info on how long it takes disposable cups to decompose. I wish people would try to think about that a little more.

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