Today, I really felt like doing something.

But, not just going to the park here in town. I go to the park everyday. And, not just going for a walk either. I do that everyday as well.

See, being a one car family has it`s perks definitely. We save A LOT of money compared to when we were a two car family. But, sometimes, such as during summer holidays, it sucks. But, even if I had another vehicle, I am not even sure what I would do.

My kids are so scattered in their lives right now, being 8,5 and 2, there are not many places we can go together where they ALL have a great time. Unless, it is outdoors… ENTER…. PARKS.

Now, don`t get me wrong. I love taking them to the park. But again, I have been doing it every day at least once for the last six weeks. This morning, something was telling me that I needed to do something different.

We ended up going to a provincial park. We packed the stroller, the kids scooters and our rollerblades.

It is only about a 20 minute drive from our house (I don`t know why we haven`t gone more often!).

Birds Hill Provincial Park is beautiful. It is abundant with huge trees and hills making it beautiful scenery. There are many different hiking trails you can try, all of which are maintained and clean.

We took a paved path. I believe it was the Lakeview Trail. There was a lot of up and downs, which the kids had a ton of fun with on their scooters! (One great thing was there was always signs saying steep hill ahead, etc.) The path was beautiful.

It was like a path to an enchanted forest from a story book. The winding road led us through trees, squirrels, gazebos, and so much more.

It is always so amazing what happens to children when you put them in nature. All of a sudden they are trying to catch bugs, noticing the color-changing leaves, and counting how many squirrels they have seen. I no longer heard about video-games, or tv shows. (YAY!)

The path took us around the beach to a beautiful playground.

I hadn`t ever seen a playground right on the beach, so I thought that was awesome! It wasn`t warm enough to swim today, but we enjoyed playing in the sand. The kids had fun with a lot of climbing and swinging and running all over.

We continued back on the path, and it led us right back to where we started. It ended up being about a two hour adventure! The two older ones didn`t even argue (BONUS), and the youngest enjoyed being in his stroller today (he usually does not).

While the weather definitely wasn`t hot, it wasn`t even sunny actually, it was a wonderful day! There are many other things to do at Birds Hill Park as well, and a lot of other paths and hikes to explore.

Next time I think packing a picnic lunch to have by the beach would be fun!

We will certainly go again, and if you are ever nearby, I would recommend you to check it out as well!

Love Always, N

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