Well, if you read my blog often, you already know I LOVE autumn, if not, then now you do! I love autumn. It is my favourite time of year!!

In Manitoba we are not blessed with the gorgeous mountains that other areas of Canada have, but we do have some really great stuff too.

Being in the middle of the prairies, everything is FLAT. Sometimes there is the odd really big hill that one gets very excited about, but generally speaking, it is flat.

We do have a lot of gorgeous areas of treed land though, and when autumn arrives, it is as if mother nature is giving us our own firework show all season long.

We tend to have very long and harsh winters, so it is really nice to enjoy autumn before we get locked inside by the snow and blizzards.

I wrote about my town yesterday, but I really did grow up in the city, and while I don`t live there now, I still love it, and have a great appreciation for all that it has.

Winnipeg is full of amazing opportunity and exploding with creativity!

I thought that for today`s post, I would show you some of my favourite things and places in Winnipeg and share my love and support for this great city.

First off, I am a big Winnipeg Jets fan!

Though I have never gotten to see a game in person, I would recommend you check one out if you have a chance! I would LOVE to go one day.

Next, Winnipeg has a HUGE library downtown that is a must-see for all book-lovers!

The Forks is a beautiful place to visit and full of amazing artsy things!

The Winnipeg Art Gallery is another place to visit. It always has neat exhibits.

This is definitely another place I hope to see one day!

Fort Whyte Alive is a lovely place for anybody who enjoys the outdoors.

From animals, to water, to beautiful walking paths, this place is so beautiful!

The Children`s Museum is SO much fun for families.

Everything on Corydon Ave. is amazing.

My favourite jewlery comes from Lianne Gail. She has so many beautiful and amazing pieces that are on my wish list!

Mountain Bean is my favourite coffee shop, and what

better time to visit than when it`s Pumpkin season?!

Winnipeg is a busy and never-sleeping kind of city, and if you are ever travelling in Canada I would recommend you to check it out!

What is your favourite place in your city/town?

Love Always, N


7 thoughts on “Winnipeg Must-Visit Places

    1. Love the photos and the places you talk about sounds very intriguing to visit. Autumn is also my favorite season. I love experiencing the changings of the weather and trees around that time. Thanks for sharing.

  1. I miss Winnipeg so much. When I used to live in North Dakota, my mom and I used to visit Winnipeg a lot (and this is before we needed passports). I saw my first IMAX movie there too: Beauty and the Beast.

  2. I remember I was so excited to order my first ever alcoholic drink in Winnipeg. I was there with my Dad visiting family, and the legal age there is a year younger than in BC.

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