Mother Nature reminded us this week of winter. We had a cold blast of winter over the last few days. I spent hours looking outside and pondering the beauty of snowflakes. How unique each one is. How sparkly each one is. What each snowflake is made up of. I watched as slowly, one by one, each flake melted and softened the grass.

The grass that was once bright green now lay hidden under a thick blanket. A thick blanket of sparkles, chill and snowflakes. I have packed away my summer stuff now. Gone are the dresses and flip flops with beach-blown hair and straw hats.

If you want to check out some of my favourite summer stuff this year read this one – Summer Beauty Essentials. 

I thought I should post about my favourite winter items so far! Some of the links are affiliate links which means that should you make a purchase through it, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Winter Essentials For 2021

Slippers are a must. I go outside to smoke my weed and I don’t want to be bothered to put boots on every time. I like an easy, slip-on slipper, that has some coziness to it. Here are some of my favourites!


A thick, chunky scarf is a must.

My favourite scarf I own is mustard yellow. It wraps around me three times and keeps me cozy warm. I love infiniti scarves as chunky as they can come. Here are some that I love

I love the regular style of scarves too. I often pair them with an outfit, or on days where it’s not super super cold, I wear them with my coat. With this style of scarf I love exploring patterns.

I did buy a new beanie this year. I wanted a slouchy one that was warm and actually stayed on my head. I’ve had no luck in the past finding a slouchy beanie that didn’t fall off! I did find one this year though, so YAY!

The inside is fleece-lined and it is comfortable! Highly recommend this one.

During the cold months, I have to change my hair care routine too. My hair is dryer and frizzy once the chill arrives and it’s a pain to work with. This year I switched my shampoo and conditioner and I noticed a big difference. My hair is soft and silky again!

This is what I’ve been using and I highly recommend it if you’re hair is anything like mine! My hair is much easier to handle. Thank goodness. I follow up shampooing with conditioner and an excellent leave in treatment as well. Here are those products –

I use the CHI conditioner about once a week just to keep my colour fresh and warm.

Okay, what else is necessary for the cold? Plane tickets to Hawaii?

Quality under garments to keep you warm

Okay hear me out.

Long johns. Warm socks. And breathable underwear. These will make a difference in keeping you warm and dry. Here are some that I love –


I’m not much of a fashionista,but I do love me some good hoodies. It’s basically what I live in from now until May. So, I’ve acquired quite a few! I love wearing them with tights, or every now and then a pair of jeans. I don’t wear an awful lot of jeans these days though. Here are some hoodies I’m LOVING this winter –

A few more . .

Colours I’m loving this season are blues, greys and browns. I’m not sure if these are “in style” or anything lol . I’m just sharing my favourites!

I try to add some coziness throughout my house too.

I love chunky blankets.

And candles. I add a lot of candles during the season. These are on my wish list this year –

Some things on my wish list are . . .

My pets have basically destroyed my current leather couch.

So that is something we’re saving for. I honestly love fire places so much. It reminds me of camping and takes me to a cozy place.

I love to decorate outside too.

I’m loving to decorate my deck too. I love cozy outside. I have two benches on my deck so I can sit and watch the sky. I love looking at the sky and the stars. The benches I have are rattan.



I love lights at Christmas. I think they make it so festive, sparkly and magical!

This year all my kids also needed new snowsuits. I hunted to find the ones I chose so I thought I’d share them.


I don’t know about you guys, but my kids lose their mittens ALL THE TIME. Besides it being annoying, it’s also frustrating and so I buy a lot of magic gloves just in case. At least then their hands are always covered.

We’re also a big fan of winter snow toys.

Brick makers, snowball makers, we love them!! There are obviously a bucket load of benefits to spending time outdoors and for some reason I LOVE the snow. So we do spend a lot of time outdoors during the winter.

A few other handy things I love for the season are –


This winter I also have a few goals.

I really want to read more, write more, and practise being more present. I genuinely just want to live a healthier lifestyle. I’m adding daily movement into my routine and making sure I’m doing things I love every day.

My TBR List

Okay, okay. My list is extensive considering I currently read 0 minutes per day. But, these look like awesome books don’t they? They are definitely on my list, but, my list has no deadline.

I’m working on my writing as well.

I’ve been exploring different kinds of journals. I really enjoy thought provoking questions that encourage me explore my feelings. I have a gratitude journal, a planner that has a focus on personal development and a budgeting journal. Here are a few other ones I’m leaning towards for the season –

I’m reading a lot of blogs too.

Some of my favourites are:

The Birds Papaya

Cup of Jo

Sincerely Jules

The Every Girl

The Skinny Confidential

I also have had an unhealthy obsession with podcasts lately.

I listen all day every day. I find it so awesome to hear conversations and expand my mind. I love listening to my favourite ones as soon as they are released.

Call Her Daddy

Call Her Daddy is kind of a sex podcast with like real life intertwined. It’s also funny and kinda makes you be like . . .”ohhh I’m not alone.”

The Skinny Confidential

The Skinny Confidential is run by a boss babe. She is a powerful business woman and amazing mama. They have conversations with guests about things like staying healthy, keeping fit, business and finance and living a happy life.

Your World Within

This one is motivational. It makes me feel powerful, capable and strong. I listen to it in moments of anxiety and sad thoughts. Sometimes I need a little pep talk you know?

What Day Is It

This podcast is hosted by two girls who are funny, real and raw. They also do this funny segment called shower thought and I highly recommend listening! lol

In conclusion, off I go because it’s time to put my Christmas tree up now.

Hehe I’m off to spread Christmas magic all over my house now. I’ll share over on Instagram so make sure you’re following – @thoughtswithn

How do you get ready for winter?

Love Always, Enn



4 thoughts on “My Winter Must-Haves – 2021

  1. Hoodies and candles are my favorites for winter! That’s all I need to feel cozy. I will have to check out some of the books you shared above as well. Thank you!

  2. I actually don’t do anything specific for winter ?
    I got one leopard infinity scarf from my bestfriend years aho but honestly.. idont know how to wear them?
    I LOVE the dark red beanie on the picture you took for the big fluffy scarf- but I got a zelda beanie already that i’ve been using, that’s enough for me ? thoses chunky blankets though!! I love blankets!!

    Goodluck on your reading & writing journey, have fun! Xx

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